Impromptu Poem Time

August 8, 2012 by Mixing Innovative Arts

Here’s an awesome summer “List” poem from M.I.A. reader, Ken. Hope you’re all enjoying August!

Dropping In
by Kenneth Lynn Quilantang, Jr.
1. Drive around and around the zoo parking lot for choice parking
2. cheer when closest one is found
3. put on boardshorts, rashguard,
4. apply sunblock generously
5. wax board,
6. put all the valuables in the glove compartment.
7. Lock FJ. Make sure by beeping twice.
8. Smile, almost going into the water.
9. Realize I forgot to take the beach key from Gail.
10. Look dumbfounded at my keys.
11. Yell to the sky, giggle to myself, people look
12. tell the person waiting for my parking to leave. No, I'm not leaving yet.
13.unlock FJ. Get in to change
14. change back into non beach clothes. throw the boardshorts in the back, not caring where they go.
15. use a towel to wipe off the sublock, it makes dress shirts stick your body. Yuck.
16. tell yourself that it was small anyway.
Haha! :) Boy
16. write poetry
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